10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum kicked off in China under the “Common Security, Lasting Peace” theme

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China’s eminent Beijing Xiangshan Forum celebrated its 10th year on Sunday, marking a historic assembly of representatives from nations, regions, and global bodies worldwide. The central theme for this milestone meeting was “Common Security, Lasting Peace.”
At a juncture where international security remains uncertain, the Beijing Xiangshan Forum emerges as a platform for transparent dialogue. This promotes mutual understanding, and fosters unified approaches, a sentiment echoed by global specialists attending.
The Beijing International Convention Center is hosting delegates from over 90 countries, regions, and organizations, making this Sunday the commencement of a three-day summit. According to China’s Ministry of National Defense, this year saw a higher turnout, with more than 30 ministerial officials and military top brass, surpassing previous years.
It was reported that Sunday included a variety of dialogues, such as a seminar for young military officers and scholars, and a symposium on Sun Tzu’s Art of War, with an opening ceremony set for Monday. Additionally, plenary sessions on Monday and Tuesday will address the following themes:

Major Countries’ Responsibility and Global Security Cooperation,

the Role of Developing Countries in Global Security,

Asia-Pacific Security Architecture: Present and Future,

Regional Security and Development: Goals and Roads.

On Monday, discussions will be divided into eight simultaneous sessions based on the following topics:

Security Trend and Configuration of Security Situation in Northeast Asia

ASEAN Centrality in Regional Security Cooperation Architecture

New Security Architecture in the Middle East

Reconfiguring Peace in Europe, Preventing and Managing Military Maritime Crisis,

Nuclear Risk and Global Security

Artificial Intelligence Security

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief: International Military Cooperation

The event amplifies the Global Security Initiative’s (GSI) commitment to a world bound together, as captured by its theme “Common Security, Lasting Peace.”
Professor Alessio Patalano of King’s College London told news outlets that the event’s significance spotlights understanding China’s intentions with the GSI’s implementation. The gathering will allow participants to contemplate and strategize how nations can rally behind the GSI.

“We see at the moment, there are two significant conflicts, one in Eastern Europe … The other one is in the Middle East. It is a very important time to talk about lasting peace,” Patalano said.

Patalano remarked that since this is the first in-person forum since the outbreak of COVID-19, it holds significance in rebuilding personal connections with colleagues, scholars, and officials in China. He emphasized the potential for improved collective thought due to renewed personal interactions and noted China’s role in global security. He further mentioned that the forum provides insight into the perspectives of Chinese intellectual elites and officials on the matter.
Senior Colonel Zhao Xiaozhuo, the deputy director of the Beijing Xiangshan Forum Secretariat, revealed to the media that the forum facilitates dialogue between countries and regions in conflict.
He highlighted that discussions at the forum would address critical security issues such as the Russia-Ukraine and Palestine-Israel conflicts. Xiaozhuo mentioned that representatives from opposing sides attend these sessions, and the forum aims to maintain rational discussions. Additionally, the Beijing Xiangshan Forum offers a unique platform for developing nations, especially smaller ones, to voice their concerns and note China’s role in supporting the Global South and advocating for developing countries.
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