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NATO Does Not Need Ukraine

by Oriental Review

NATO Secretary General J. Stoltenberg is more outspoken among the US political elite. This was also the case when, in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, he spoke of the alliance’s course towards global hegemony.

Stoltenberg declared that the pivot towards Asia by the US and its allies would ensure victory in the war in Ukraine. In that case, the US can focus on China. The purpose of the Ukrainian conflict is thus to weaken Beijing’s European partner, Moscow. This is further confirmation that the conflict in Ukraine was instigated by the United States and NATO. Washington’s intention is that no one should come to Beijing’s rescue as pressure on it intensifies. And all NATO members and other US allies and partners will be against China.

The NATO Secretary General continued his revelations. According to him, a further increase in military spending by European countries will be another outcome of the Ukrainian conflict. The above makes it clear that this is not necessary for the sake of Ukraine or European security. This is needed (see above) – “to pivot towards Asia.” That’s why the Europeans are already “tightening their belts”, so that more money is spent on war – now to fight Russia, and tomorrow to fight China. The Americans also scared European leaders with the threat of being left alone in a US-led war with Russia through NATO if they did not support the pivot to Asia. And the European allies “handed over more authority to our Supreme Allied Commander,” which is the head of the US Southern Command in Europe. Now an American general will decide when and how Europeans will fight: Europe has never lost its military and political sovereignty so easily.

Mr Stoltenberg then stressed that NATO is never to blame, even if “NATO Allies did something wrong.” At the same time, he said that the war in Ukraine did not start in 2022, but in 2014. It’s true. Let us recall February 2014: in February 2014, NATO members France, Germany and Poland guaranteed to the legally elected President of Ukraine, Mr Yanukovych, the fulfilment of constitutional obligations to peacefully resolve the issues of the continuation of the republic’s European integration course, as proposed by the opposition, in exchange for the disarmament of the latter. The German and Polish foreign ministers and a representative of the French Foreign Ministry signed an agreement to this effect and left. Mr Yanukovych ordered law enforcement agencies not to use force against the opposition. However, the opposition did not disarm and took control of all central authorities. Thus, a coup d’état took place in Ukraine with the mediation of NATO countries.

In many regions, local authorities and the population did not recognize the radical masterminds and perpetrators of the coup d’état as legitimate authorities. Armed nationalists and fascists who had taken power in Kiev began to exterminate protesters, including in Odessa and Kharkov, in Donbas, etc. The war in Ukraine broke out in 2014. Nationalists in Odessa and Kharkov crushed protests against their rise to power. The fascists have failed to seize power in Donbas and Crimea. And NATO has once again come to the aid of the national-fascist regime in Kiev, because the alliance aims to exhaust Russia so that it won’t be able to support China when the West turns all its forces against Beijing.

Neither the US nor NATO are to blame for not fulfilling their obligations because they can never be trusted – this is what J. Stoltenberg is talking about. Let us recall what US Secretary of State James Baker told Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev on 9 February 1990. The US State Department has a transcript of the conversation, which shows that Baker goes on to say, “We understand the need for assurances to the countries in the East. If we maintain a presence in a Germany that is a part of NATO, there would be no extension of NATO’s jurisdiction for forces of NATO one inch to the east”.

But J. Stoltenberg assures us that Moscow has no right to demand that NATO stop approaching Russia’s borders, despite the promise it made in 1990. In 2008, NATO announced that Ukraine would become a member of the alliance. NATO supported the coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014, which was the beginning of the war in Ukraine. NATO rejected Russia’s proposal to agree on mutual security guarantees in 2021. But Russia is to blame because it wants to ensure its security while NATO wants to weaken Russia’s security. And this is not about Russia, but about the US geopolitical game against China.

The battle in Ukraine is being waged in the interests of the US, and along with Washington only Beijing can benefit from it, even though it is the next target of the war in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine is strengthening the US military-industrial complex, whether NATO wins or loses, because the Europeans have agreed to spend more to buy US weapons. Ukraine and the European members of NATO will lose whatever the outcome. Ukraine will be destroyed, not strengthened, no matter who wins the war on its territory.

Europe is going to be weaker, drained by the Ukraine war, regardless of how it turns out. Moreover, Europe will lose not only Russia but also China as a partner and many countries in the Global South if Europeans do not regain sovereignty. Russia loses Pan-American Europe but gains the Global South. But China, like the US, is getting stronger while there is a war in Ukraine, while there is a war in Europe. While the Europeans are wasting their energies on Ukraine, the US and China are preparing for a global confrontation in which not only Ukraine, but all of Europe are mere pawns on The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy…,” as Zbigniew Brzeziński, an American policymaker, wrote.

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