A hacker attack launched on Israel Electric Corporation

by Tasnim News

A hacker group identifying itself as the “Moses Staff” said it has broken into the Israeli electricity network, vowing to plunge the regime into darkness.

The group said on Wednesday it had targeted the Israel Electric Corporation, the largest supplier of electrical power in the occupied territories, as well as Dorad Energy Ltd., which serves customers throughout the territories, and technical solutions provider, Reali Technologies ltd.

“This is just the beginning; From now on, you will suffer irreparable damage,” the group said in a message.

“We will punish you. The goal is clear, definite, and precise. This is only a small part of our access to your power grid,” it added. “You will soon be in the dark,” the group concluded.

Earlier this year, the group struck Israeli closed-circuit television cameras in the occupied Palestinian territories and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, an Israeli “defense technology” company. Back then, it posted a message regarding the cyberattack on its website, titled “We see with your eyes.”

Last November, Moses Staff said it had successfully conducted a massive cyberattack against the occupying regime, breaking into the servers of major companies, and adding that it was now in possession of comprehensive data that could be leaked.

According to Moses Staff’s website, the group has so far hacked scores of servers and hundreds of websites and compiled dozens terabytes of data.

In December 2020, Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper claimed that a group of elite hackers that it introduced as Iranians had advanced as far as former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office and the regime’s major aerospace company.

The daily said the group that had emerged no earlier than in November that year, had attacked scores of Israeli targets, including at least 80 companies.

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