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Algerian Foreign Minister: US working on solving Libya’s conflict away from UN

Libya Observer – The Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum said the US is working on resolving the Libyan crisis outside the UN, adding that Washington’s rejection to appointment of Algerian diplomat Ramtane Lemamra wasn’t aimed at him a a person but because the US was paving the way for other efforts.

Boukadoum told reporters that Washington is separating political work from UNSMIL’s efforts, warning of the failure of UN Secretary General to appoint a new envoy to Libya as it could badly impact the UNSMIL efforts in the country.

He said Algeria is working with neighboring countries to resolve the conflict in Libya in a way to preserve Libya’s stability and security, adding that his country stands at the same distance from all parties in Libya and rejects all types of external intervention.

Boukadoum warned that proxy war in Libya will turn the country into a new Somalia, adding that Algeria is working for peaceful solutions that bring all Libyan conflict parties to negotiations and has no interests in taking gas or oil from Libya.

He also said that all parties in Libya had called for Algerian mediation to end the conflict as they know that Algeria wanted peace and stability in the country, adding that his country is the only one that hasn’t sent weapons or mercenaries to Libya.

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