At least 2 people killed and several injured in twin blasts in Pakistan

by teleSUR

On Thursday, according to law enforcement officials, evening in the southwestern Balochistan region of Pakistan, two coordinated assaults resulted in the loss of two lives and inflicted injury upon six others.

According to law enforcement officials, the initial explosion occurred in the Harnai locality when an automobile collided with a land mine, resulting in injuries sustained by both occupants.

Police said that, after the initial explosion, people around promptly responded to provide aid to those affected. However, a secondary detonation ensued, probably by a mechanized device operated remotely.

According to the authorities, there were two fatalities and four individuals sustained injuries in the second explosion; authorities also said that there is an ongoing investigation to identify and locate the authors of the assault.

All individuals who sustained injuries have been transported to an adjacent medical facility, wherein two among them are classified as critical cases.

The police have not provided any personal identities of the individuals who were traveling in the vehicle. However, the police did say that all the victims in the second blast are civilians.

Up to now, no particular party has acknowledged or assumed responsibility for the attack.

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