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Beauty industry opens door for positiveness between conflicting communities in Cyprus

The New Year has brought the innovation that has not been seen before in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Island divided between the two communities, especially its Turkish part, still faces the economic obstacles caused by the unresolved Cyprus Issue.

Within such conditions, Turkish Cypriot entrepreneur and owner of “Hair and Studio Plus” beauty salon Naci Bayramoglu has launched an unusual for this area advertising campaign. Businessman decided to address the Greek Cypriot community as well through company’s advertisement billboards in Lefkosa (Nicosia), thus laying down the foundation for the positiveness and trust between the two communities on the one side, and becoming a good marketing and sales stunt on other side.

It became an unique example that possibly will open the door for reconciliation between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots people through means of beauty and care. Beauty will not only save the world, but might also build up a peace.

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