Christians around the world celebrate Christmas

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Christmas is one of the popular festivals of the year celebrated all around the world on the 25th of December. It is a festival that brings happiness among people as they celebrate the day by enjoying various delicacies, decorating Christmas trees with lights, ribbons and more. The celebration is more popular among the kids as they await their favourite gifts from mythical figure, Santa Claus.

History & importance of Christmas

Christmas is the birth date of Lord Jesus Christ, who was the second Holy Trinity of Christianity. Born in Bethlehem to Joseph and Mary, Jesus’ birth was declared on 25th December in the Western Christian Church. However, the early Christians had many arguments regarding the exact birth date and even the Bible does not claim the exact date on which he was born.

It was Emperor Constantine – the first Christian Roman emperor, who declared December 25 as Christmas. According to an early tradition, Mary was told that she would have a special baby on the 25th of March, and after a period of nine months, on 25th of December, Jesus was born. During the early centuries, the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth was highly opposed as it was considered that martyrs must be honoured on their martyrdom day.

Significance of Christmas

People all around the world celebrate the day by conducting family gatherings, visiting the Church. Their celebration begins from the evening of December 24 called Christmas Eve. On this day, families decorate their own Christmas tree with ornaments, ribbons, fairy lights and much more.

They even surround the tree with numerous gifts, prepare delicious feasts and sing carols at the Church as the festival marks the end of the year. It is said that on the day of Christmas, God sent his son to the Earth in the form of Jesus to prevent people from any wrongdoings. As far as the story of Santa Claus is concerned, it was believed that he lives in the North Pole along with his Elves and every year, he rides on his sleigh all around the world to gift the children

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