Congressional Research Service: Iran remains able to challenge U.S. interests in the region

The American Congressional Research Service has admitted the failure of all the solutions of the various governments of the United States against Iran in its latest report.

The US Congressional Research Service reports: “Congress has played a key role in shaping U.S. policy toward Iran, providing for extensive U.S. sanctions, providing aid and authorizing arms sales to partners threatened by Iran, seeking to influence negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, and enacting legislation that allows Congress to review related agreements.”

In another part of this report, it is acknowledged that different US policies towards Iran have not been successful in preventing Iran’s influence and the country’s ability to challenge US interests.

The report states: “Successive U.S. Administrations have used varying policy tools, including comprehensive sanctions, limited military action, and diplomatic engagement with leaders in Iran and other countries to counter perceived Iranian threats to U.S. interests.”

The report continues: “As of 2023, the Iranian government retains considerable influence in the Middle East region, is developing new ties to Russia and China, and remains able to challenge U.S. interests in the region and beyond. In this context, Members of Congress may consider questions related to U.S. and Iranian policy goals, the stability of Iran’s government, and efforts to counter Iran’s regional influence and deter its nuclear development activities.”

Congressional Research Service
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