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Czech Republic to purchase 24 F-35A fighter jets from United States

by Sputnik Globe

If the Czech Republic buys 24 fifth-generation Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II fighter jets from the United States, their price will be lower than expected, media reported, citing Defense Ministry senior official Gen. Jaroslav Mika.
“Today I can say that the price [for fighter jets] will be much lower, we will present this price to the government. We will target [the price reduction] by about 10 percent,” Mika said, adding that it is impossible to name the exact price yet as talks are still ongoing on some contract details.
The price for the aircraft was initially expected to be 122 billion korunas (about $5.5 billion).
The first F-35 fighters for the Czech Republic should be manufactured in 2029, after which training of flight and ground personnel will begin. In 2031, all aircraft should be in the Czech Republic. Along with the fighters, weapons should also be supplied: air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles.
The aircraft price includes training of the first crews and ground technical personnel, as well as support during the first years of the life cycle, including spare parts. The F-35’s service life is expected to last until 2070.
Currently, the Czech Air Force uses 14 Jas 39 Gripen fighters leased from Sweden, as well as own-produced L-159 light multirole attack aircraft.
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