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Daesh attacks Assad regime sites in the Homs province

by Middle East Monitor

Daesh has documented its attacks using tanks and armoured vehicles on Assad regime sites in the Homs governorate, central Syria.

On Thursday, the organisation released a video showing its operatives using tanks, a BMP vehicle, a 23mm cannon and 57mm guns.

This indicates the organisation’s increased military and war capabilities and its transition from rapid attacks and ambushes to a new strategy in the war.

The video stated that the organisation’s members were able to control the regime’s military barracks in the Homs desert, while many of its members were killed.

According to the video, Russian warplanes launched several air raids to stop Daesh’s advances and prevent it from controlling the military point, but to no avail.

The video comes days after Daesh announced the appointment of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Hashemi as its leader to succeed Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashemi Al-Quraishi, who was killed in Idlib.

Middle East Monitor
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