Dozens killed in an armed attack in Haiti

by teleSUR

The incident reportedly took place on Monday at around 2 a.m. local time in the locality called Procy, belonging to the commune of Carrefour.

According to locals, the attack left a dozen dead and several missing in the area, located near Laboule 12 which has been controlled by the “Ti Makak” gang for over a year.

There are reports of missing persons who are being searched for according to local authorities. Locals said many families had to flee their homes in an attempt to escape death.

The Ti Makak gang, to which the attack is attributed, is also accused of the recent murder of Haitian businessman and secretary general of the National Group of Progressive Democrats, Eric Jean-Baptiste, in Laboule.

Haiti: according to the online news agency @vantbefinfo at least 10 people have been murdered and several others are missing in (Procy) Carrefour following a shooting on Monday 07 November. The “Ti Makak” gang operating in Laboule 12 is singled out.

Laboule 12, an alternative land route to the south of the country, has been under the control of the Ti Makak gang, allegedly responsible as well for the killing of several police officers and the forcible seizure of police stations in the area.

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