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Egypt Opens Border With Gaza To Receive Wounded Palestinians

teleSUR – Egyptian authorities on Sunday decided to open the Rafah border crossing, which connects the Gaza Strip to Egypt’s Sinai to transfer wounded Palestinians. However, they did not inform how long it will remain open.

The exceptional opening of the border is “an act of solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are suffering from the brutal Israeli aggression,” local outlets commented and explained that the decision comes a day after a dozen Egyptian ambulances entered the Gaza Strip to pick up Palestinians seriously injured.

The opening of Rafah is essential for Gaza’s two million inhabitants as it is the only access that does not pass through Israel, a country that prevents the entry and exit of goods and people since it has maintained a tight blockade on the Palestinian territory since 2007.

On Sunday, Israel’s Defense Minister Beny Gantz met with the US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Israeli and Palestinian Affairs Hady Amr, who has been in the region for two days to try to contain the warlike actions.

After the meeting, Israel did not announce the possibility of a truce, but rather the intensification of its military actions.

“The goal of the current military campaign is to restore long-term tranquility on Israel’s borders,” Gantz said and asked Amr to convey to President Joe Biden his “deep appreciation” for supporting “Israel’s right to defend itself.”

So far, Israeli military actions against Gaza have resulted in 174 deaths and 1,200 Palestinians injured.

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