Ethiopia launches airstrike on Tigray

by Daily Sabah

An Ethiopian airstrike hit the capital of the northern region of Tigray on Thursday, with Tigrayan forces saying it killed six civilians in their homes, while the government said the strike hit a factory where military equipment was stored.

Tigray spokesperson Nahusenay Belay denied that the airstrike hit a military target and said it struck a “civilian residence,” killing six people and wounding more than 20. Three children were among the dead, he said, according to The Associated Press (AP).

A doctor told Reuters he saw six people pulled out of the rubble from the bombing, and that he could not tell if they were alive or dead. He said the strike hit the residential Kebele 5 area. Tigrayan television screened pictures of Red Cross workers at the site of collapsed brick structures with corrugated iron roofs. Blankets and kettles can be seen among bloodstained wreckage. At one point, gloved volunteers hastily cover a body part with a sheet.

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