European Union extends all anti-Russian sanctions until 31 July 2023


The EU Council has extended all sanctions against Russia related to Ukraine by six months, the Council said in its statement.

“The Council today decided to prolong by six months, until 31 July 2023, the restrictive measures targeting specific sectors of the economy of the Russian Federation,” the statement reads.

The EU introduced sanctions for the first time in 2014 in response to reunification with Crimea and were expanded since February 2022.

“They currently consist of a broad spectrum of sectoral measures, including restrictions on trade, finance, technology and dual-use goods, industry, transport and luxury goods,” the EU Council said. Restrictions also comprise “a ban on the import or transfer of seaborne crude oil and certain petroleum products from Russia to the EU,” the disconnection of several Russian banks from SWIFT and the suspension of the broadcasting activities and licenses of several Russian broadcasting companies.

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