European Union imposes 6th package of sanction on Russia

by teleSUR

On Friday, the Council of the European Union (EU) adopted the sixth package of a sixth package of economic and individual sanctions targeting both Russia and Belarus. It was approved by the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the European Union (Coreper).

“The package includes: a ban on imports from Russia of crude oil and refined petroleum products; a SWIFT ban for an additional three Russian and one Belarusian banks; and suspension of broadcasting in the EU for three more Russian state-owned outlets,” the European Council announced.

“A temporary exception is provided for imports of crude oil by pipeline into those EU member states that, due to their geographical situation, suffer from a specific dependence on Russian supplies and have no viable alternative options.”

“Moreover, Bulgaria and Croatia will also benefit from temporary derogations concerning the import of Russian seaborne crude oil and vacuum gas oil respectively. The EU also adopted sanctions against an additional 65 individuals and 18 entities,” it added.

“We are increasing limitations to the Kremlin’s ability to finance the war by imposing further economic sanctions. We are banning the import of Russian oil into the EU and with this cutting a massive source of revenue for Russia,” Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, said, adding that the sanctions also aim to silence the transmission in EU territory of what authorities consider “disinformation actors.”

“The EU is suspending the broadcasting activities in the EU of three more Russian state-owned outlets: Rossiya RTR/RTR Planeta, Rossiya 24 / Russia 24, and TV Center International,” the EU Commission stated, adding that these media spread “aim to destabilize Russia’s neighboring countries and the EU and its member states.”

However, the new sanctions will not prevent those media outlets and their staff from carrying out activities in the EU territory such as conducting investigations and interviews.

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