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Tragedy in Beirut: a “STOP” warning and a moment to start “ALL OVER AGAIN”

The IPE Club expresses its solidarity with Lebanon and Lebanese people over the catastrophic human tragedy in Beirut port last evening. According to the recent information, a deadly blast took lives of more than a hundred people and left more than 4000 severely injured.

Some hospitals have been forced to refuse to admit patients due to the fact of being already overwhelmed, or buildings are too damaged to take care of new patients, AFP reported. Calls for blood donations were announced in Lebanon on Tuesday evening. According to the country’s health minister, Hamad Hasan, “many people are missing.” “Families ask about their relatives in emergency departments, it was difficult to find them at night due to lack of electricity. We are facing a real disaster, and we need time to evaluate the damage,” the minister said.

August 5 was declared a national mourning day in Lebanon.

The blast in the Beirut Port and casualties it caused has been met with deep shock and sorrow throughout the world. Many countries have already sent the aid to Lebanon.

We have been witnessing the efforts to establish a new order in the Eastern Mediterranean sub-region within the shaping new world order. Events and developments in Libya, African horn, Southern Europe, Levant, Middle East and, surely, the positions and attitudes of transregional actors were effective and will continue to be so. However, the blast in the Beirut Port is a “STOP” warning to everything what have happened and been done so far and a moment to start “all over again”. Regardless of the nature of the catastrophe, it is a message to all the actors involved in the region. We hope that from this moment onwards, the rearing up of a new Lebanon will come alongside the reconstruction of the beauty of Beirut. The “Paris of the Middle East” will rise like a phoenix and will regain its throne, proving once again that history is written by the winners.

IPE Club offers its sympathies with the families who lost their beloved ones, wishes the soonest recovery for those injured and calls upon support and cooperation in the region and world to help Lebanese nation to overcome the tragedy

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