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Fighting has been reported in the Afghan province of Panjshir


Intensive fighting was reported in the northern Afghan province of Panjshir between Taliban (outlawed in Russia) militants that seized power in the country and fighters from the National Resistance Front, Afghanistan International TV channel said on Wednesday.

According to its sources, last night fighting dragged on for about two hours in the area of Zamankur settlement in the Anaba district. So far, no other details have emerged.

After the United States announced plans for its troop pullout from Afghanistan, the Taliban embarked on a large-scale operation to take the country under its control. On August 15, Taliban fighters swept into Kabul without encountering any resistance and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani stepped down and fled the country. Those unwilling to accept Taliban rule banded together to form a resistance movement in the Panjshir Valley, led by Ahmad Massoud. Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on September 6 that the movement had secured full control over Panjshir Province. Massoud, in turn, stated that the anti-Taliban resistance continues to fight on. On September 7, the Taliban announced a new Afghan government consisting only of the movement’s members, the majority of whom are ethnic Pashtuns.

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