Flash floods hit southeast provinces in Iran

by Tasnim News

Intense damage was done by monstrous flash floods that rushed across Sistan and Balouchestan Province in southeast Iran on Monday.

Social media videos depict floodwaters raging over towns, cities, and villages while picking up detritus in their path.

Highways, suburban roads, and country roads in the province were also damaged by flash floods, which significantly disrupted traffic.

Additionally, the southern provinces of Kerman and Hormozgan have proclaimed an emergency due to flash floods.

Iran, which is experiencing a protracted drought that is being attributed to climate change, had received a warning about potentially severe seasonal rainfall.

Weather forecasting reports suggested that the late days of July will see the arrival of a rainfall system that will affect close to 40% of the nation. For at least 4 days, unstable weather and more rain than usual will be experienced in many regions of the country with the exception of the west and northwest.

Tasnim News
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