Four candidates to participate in the May 14 presidential election in Turkiye

by teleSUR

The Türkish Supreme Electoral Council announced on Monday that four candidates will be eligible to participate in the May 14 presidential election.

The collection of signatures of presidential candidates proposed by non-parliamentary parties closed on March 27. Only two politicians (Muharrem Ince and Sinan Ogan) have managed to collect the required 100 000 signatures to be a candidate for parties that do not have a group in Parliament.

Therefore, four candidates have been allowed in the upcoming presidential election, “Kemal Kilicdaroglu (opposition National Alliance bloc), Muharrem Ince (Fatherland Party), Recep Tayyip Erdogan (ruling People’s Alliance), and Sinan Ogan (far-right ATA Alliance),” said YSK Chairman Ahmet Yener.

İnce received 114 657 voter signatures, while Sinan Oğan received 111 502.

The final list of candidates will be announced on Friday, and the official election campaign will begin on the same day, according to the YSK chairman.

The candidacies of MP Kemal Kilicdaroglu and incumbent President Erdogan were not required to collect signatures to participate in the elections.

Türkiye’s presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on May 14, and Kilicdaroglu is expected to be Erdogan’s main opponent.

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