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Iraq signed a deal with the UAE-based solar energy company

by Middle East Monitor

Iraq signed an agreement with the UAE-based solar energy specialist Masdar on Wednesday, Anadolu has reported. The contract was signed in a ceremony held in the Iraqi capital Baghdad attended by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and UAE Energy Minister Suhail Bin Muhammad Al-Mazrouei.

According to an official media statement, also present were the President of the Iraqi National Investment Authority, Suha Al-Najjar, and the CEO of the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, Muhammad Jamil Al-Ramahi.

The project represents the first practical step taken by the Iraqi government to switch to alternative, clean and renewable energy sources to produce electricity and meet the country’s energy needs. Iraq is also holding talks with Gulf countries, led by Saudi Arabia, to import electricity by linking its network with the Gulf’s.

Iraq’s electricity generation capacity is 19 gigawatts, but it needs 30 gigawatts to cope with demand.

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