Nigeria conducts airstrikes on the camps of terrorists and armed groups

by Anadolu Agency

Nigeria’s air force has stepped up its operations against terrorists and armed groups in northwestern Zamfara state, a military official said Thursday. ​​​​​​​

Edward Gabkwet, a spokesperson for the Nigerian Air Force, said a week-long coordinated air operation against the camps of terrorists and armed groups led to the killing of many of the gunmen terrorizing areas of the state for nearly three years.

“The locations were struck by multiple aircraft passes, thereby neutralizing several terrorists,” Gabkwet said in a statement.

He said the operation was conducted following intelligence that some of the armed groups planned to attack communities in the areas.

This prompted the Air Force to carry out observations in the areas and they subsequently struck terrorist enclaves including terrorist kingpin Mallam Tukur’s camp in the Gusau Local Government Area and kingpin Abdullahi Nasanda’s camp in the Zurmi Local Government Area.

More intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions were conducted in the state on April 10, according to the Air Force.

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, has been facing serious security challenges, especially terrorism, banditry and kidnapping by armed groups and violent attacks on communities by gunmen.

The country’s northwestern region has been the worst hit by protracted insecurity and abductions, the most recent case being the March 7 kidnapping of 287 primary school students at a public school in Kaduna State near Zamfara, the scene of the airstrikes.

Anadolu Agency
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