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Pakistan eliminates all tariffs on fresh fruits and vegetables coming from Afghanistan

by Anadolu Agency

Pakistan announced several incentives for Afghanistan on Thursday after Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s visit.

Speaking at a news conference in Islamabad, Qureshi said this was his first visit to Kabul since a new government was formed and today’s meeting with the Taliban leadership was fruitful.

“I found the Taliban leadership very positive, and they acknowledged and thanked Pakistan for the efforts and help it has extended to Afghan refugees who have been living here for the past four decades,” Qureshi said.

He said there were a number of issues related to visas, trade, security and borders and he discussed them with Afghan leaders.

“Being an immediate neighbor, we want to help our Afghan brothers, and my visit today was part of that plan,” he said.

To support the Afghan people and traders, Pakistan announced the elimination of all tariffs on fresh fruits and vegetables coming from Afghanistan.

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