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Protests kick off in Israel demanding Prime Minister Netanyahu’s resignation

by teleSUR

Thousands of demonstrators flooded the streets of the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the immediate release of the Israelis held by the Islamic resistance movement Hamas.

Protesters, including family of the hostages, gathered in Habima Square, showing photos of 136 hostages and demanding that the Government “bring them home now”. Many citizens also gathered in front of Netanyahu’s house in Caesarea.

Demostrators also took the streets of Jerusalem, Haifa, Kefar Sava, Rehovot and Beersheba, according to the Israeli broadcasting authority and Yedioth Ahronoth.

The demonstrators also call for new elections, shouting “We will not form a government of racists, we will not form a government of criminals”. In addition, peace organizations are calling for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the Israeli military presence in the West Bank.

According to the police, five demonstrators have already been arrested for disturbing public order and one person for assaulting an officer. In turn, dozens of demonstrators with megaphones demand the release of the detainees in front of the Glilot police station.

For his part, Netanyahu said at a press conference that protests demanding the release of the hostages “only increase” Hamas’ demands and “distance the goal” of recovering the hostages. Netanyahu now faces a serious popularity crisis, amid growing international and domestic calls for a ceasefire.

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