Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson is a global phenomenon, leader of France’s “The Patriots” says

by Sputnik Globe

US journalist Tucker Carlson broadcast a more than two-hour-long interview with President Vladimir Putin on Thursday night. As of Saturday, the video had been viewed 177 million times on X, while over 290,000 users had reposted it and 940,000 had liked it. On YouTube, the video has been viewed nearly 11 million times.
The leader of France’s The Patriots (Les Patriotes) party, Florian Philippot, has said on X that the media in NATO countries received a serious “slap in the face” after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson.
“Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson is a global phenomenon. It continues to defy any media essay in the countries of the NATO zone! They all got a serious slap in the face,” the politician wrote.
He said that after the interview, many people realized that the “system” and its media had been lying to them about the conflict in Ukraine for two years.
Philippot also called on readers to help share the video of Putin and Carlson in the name of defending truth and peace.
Carlson published an interview with Putin on his website on Friday night Moscow time, and then posted it on X and YouTube. In his interview with Carlson, Putin explained in detail that Moscow does not intend to attack NATO countries, while politicians in Western society regularly “scare” their populations with the “Russian threat,” diverting attention from domestic problems.
Putin also noted that Western countries have begun to understand that Russia’s strategic defeat in the conflict with Ukraine is impossible, so if they have such an understanding, they should think about their next steps, as Russia is ready for dialogue.
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