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Russian Gazprom not to reduce the gas volumes through Ukraine to Moldova

by Anadolu Agency

The Russian energy company Gazprom announced early Monday that it has decided not to reduce the flow of gas through Ukraine to Moldova, after Moldova’s gas distribution company completed its payment for the supply of gas in November.

“The company ‘Moldovagaz’ eliminated the violation of payment to ‘Gazprom’ of the current supplies of Russian gas in November. Funds for the gas deposited on the territory of Ukraine, intended for consumers in Moldova, have been received from Gazprom. In this regard, it was decided not to reduce the gas supply to the Sudzha GIS (gas measuring station) for transit to Moldova,” the company said on Telegram.

The statement by Gazprom also highlighted the “regular violation by the Moldovan side of contractual obligations in terms of payment for Russian gas supplies,” adding that the company “reserves the right to reduce or completely stop gas supplies in case of violation of their payment.”

Last week, Gazprom said a backlog accumulated for Russian gas shipments via Ukraine was destined for Moldova, and that shipments will be reduced beginning Monday in case the situation persisted.

On Wednesday, Moldovan President Maia Sandu accused Russia of “leaving Moldova in the dark” amid widespread blackouts in the country as Russian strikes were reported in Ukraine.

Ukraine on May 10 halted shipments at the Sokhranivka distribution point, through which one-third of Russia’s natural gas bound for Europe passes, leaving the Sudzha point as Europe’s sole transmission route for Russian supplies.

Anadolu Agency
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