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Turkiye’s natural gas distribution companies invested $618 million in projects in 2022

by Daily Sabah

Natural gas distribution companies invested TL 12 billion ($618 million) in network and improvement projects across Türkiye last year, according to the Turkish Natural Gas Distributors Association (GAZBIR) 2022 Sector Report.

As of late 2022, natural gas was supplied to 675 out of 973 districts in the country, reaching a population of 70.2 million and providing 82% of the population with access to natural gas.

Compared to the previous year, the number of natural gas subscribers in the country increased by 6.2% to reach 19.7 million, making Türkiye the third-highest country in Europe for natural gas subscribers.

GAZBIR predicts that Türkiye will become the second-highest country in Europe for natural gas subscribers by 2025, as potential subscribers become more active and network investments continue, with saturation already reached in other European countries.

Istanbul has the highest number of natural gas subscribers in Türkiye, with 5.6 million, followed by the capital Ankara with 2 million subscribers, northwestern Bursa province with 1.06 million subscribers, western Izmir with 901,314 subscribers, and northwestern Kocaeli with 695,541 subscribers.

Last year’s investment amount brought the total investment in natural gas distribution to TL 80 billion so far while plans are underway to invest an additional TL 57 billion in natural gas distribution between 2023 and 2026, with the aim of providing gas supply to 209 new settlements.

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