Situation in Syria and Iraq

Turkiye’s Parliament to ratify the extension of mandate for troops deployment in Syria and Iraq

by Daily Sabah

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan signed a motion to extend the deployment of Turkish troops to Iraq and Syria for two years and submitted it to Parliament for ratification, amid Ankara’s national security concerns in the face of the recent PKK terrorist attack.

The motion said the risks and threats posed to national security by the developments in the areas adjacent to Türkiye’s southern land borders and the ongoing conflict environment continue to increase.

Noting that Türkiye attaches great importance to the protection of the territorial integrity, national unity and stability of its neighbor Iraq, the motion said: “The continued existence of PKK and Daesh elements in Iraq and attempts at ethnicity-based separatism have a direct impact on regional peace, stability and the security of our country.”

The motion also said that, due to these developments, necessary measures should be taken in line with Türkiye’s rights arising from international law.

Daily Sabah
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