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United Kingdom and France consider to jointly develop cruise anti-ship missile by 2030

by Sputnik News

London and Paris have flagged their intention to build a new jointly-developed cruise anti-ship missile by 2030, according to a statement released following a France-UK summit on Friday.
“In the field of armament cooperation, France and the United Kingdom will advance key projects to develop their future complex weapons systems. They commit to concrete steps forward regarding the further advancement of the Future Cruise and Anti-Ship Weapon (FCAS/W) programme to avoid capability gaps,” the statement said, adding that Paris and London “commit to deliver a future cruise capability in 2030.”
In 2011, the project of the new missile received the name “Perseus.”
Paris hosted the 36th France-UK summit on Friday, the previous such event was held in 2018. Among the main topics of the summit were the situation in Ukraine, defense and economic cooperation, and immigration.
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