Situation in Syria and Iraq

United States and Iraq, reportedly, to discuss American withdrawal from the country

by Sputnik Globe

In 2021 the United States’ 20-year war in Afghanistan finally came to a close with the final withdrawal of American troops from the country. Now, another long-running US conflict could be about to end with the United States reportedly set to begin talks on pulling out of Iraq.
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced the development on Thursday, following through on an agreement made between the two countries last year. The US-Iraq Higher Military Commission will include representatives from both the United States and Iraq and will focus on moving toward “an enduring bilateral security partnership” according to Austin.
The US reportedly informed the Iraqi foreign minister Fuad Hussein of the plans in a letter on Wednesday.
The announcement comes as American troops throughout the Middle East have faced attacks amidst US support for Israel’s deadly military operation in the besieged Gaza Strip. The United States has vigorously defended Israel at the United Nations and in other international venues while providing the country with billions of dollars in lethal aid.
The death toll in the territory has reached nearly 26,000 Palestinians according to the latest numbers released by local authorities. It’s been revealed that women and children make up about 70% of the casualties.
The Iraqi government has faced substantial domestic pressure to ensure an end to the US presence in the country. Meanwhile, attacks on US troops continue throughout the region amidst strong opposition to US support for Israel.
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