Angelo Giuliano: BRICS and the Global South are offering “a new world order” to the “Western-centric”

by Sputnik Globe

BRICS and the Global South are offering “a new world order” to the “Western-centric”, Angelo Giuliano, a Hong Kong-based political and financial analyst, told Sputnik.
The vision is “strong opposition” to that of the Western-dominated World Economic Forum, suggested the analyst.

“The rest of the world, BRICS and the Global South… is opposing the values of a Western-centric world controlled by the very few, the old powerful families and the likes of Blackjacks and other banksters,” Giuliano noted.

What the rest of the world is offering is an option of a multipolar world where differences of cultures and values are respected, an idea of coexistence, of live and let live, respect of sovereignty. Seeking mutual prosperity, mutual respect and maybe also putting the human being at the center of the preoccupation. A world of purpose as opposed to a world of profit,” he stated.
The West, however, takes its directions from multinational corporations, underscored the pundit.

“Globalist elites are the real ones in charge in the West. The same globalist elites select Western leaders and give the directions that they want the world to take, it is a process of made of deconstruction and chaos, of divide and control, an illusion of democracy so they can ultimately control absolutely everything, for a central digital currency, to ownership, privacy and ultimately to people’s minds,” said the Hong Kong-based political analyst.

Earlier, speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan offered up the Biden administration’s vision for the era ahead.
Major powers are vastly more interdependent than at any time during the Cold War. But we’re also in stiff competition about the type of world we want to build,” Sullivan said in his remarks.
We are moving into a new era, the post-Cold War era has come to a close. We are at the start of something new, we have the capacity to shape what that looks like, and at the heart of it will be many of the core principles, core institutions of the existing order, adapted for the challenges we face today,” he added later, talking with Børge Brende, president of the World Economic Forum and former minister of foreign affairs of Norway.
At the end of last year, President Vladimir Putin underscored that Russia would devote its BRICS presidency in 2024 to building a fair world order, and “strengthening multilateralism for equitable global development and security.”
Weighing in on Russia’s upcoming chairmanship of the group, Putin underscored that its motto will be strengthening multilateralism for equitable global development and security.
BRICS activities will also reportedly have a positive impact on the international system. The planned Kazan BRICS Summit in October is expected to show that a growing number of countries in the world do not want to live in line with the US-enforced “rules-based order.” They prefer to be guided by their own interests and the interests of their partners, creating beneficial conditions for effective joint development, Putin stressed.
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