Ensemble alliance failed to secure absolute majority in elections in France

by Anadolu Agency

French President Emmanuel Macron’s Ensemble alliance on Sunday suffered a huge setback as his political coalition failed to secure an absolute majority in the legislative elections, putting the presidential majority at the risk of forging alliances with other parties.

Multiple exit polls of the second round results projected Macron’s Ensemble (Together) alliance in the lead but way below the golden mark of 289 seats, necessary to form the parliamentary majority.

According to polling firm Elabe estimates for BFMTV and L’Express news, Macron’s camp will win between 205 and 235 seats in the National Assembly while France 24 news has projected 224 seats.

This is the first time since 1998 when former President Francois Mitterrand found himself in a similar situation, winning lesser seats in the legislative elections.

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