Situation in Libya

Intense clashes erupted in Libyan capital

by Africa News

Clashes between two militias took place in Libya’s capital on Friday night. The interim government in Tripoli published a video of what is said to be a call from the Prime minister, Abdulhamid Dbeibah to a police Brigade after asking them to remove civilians from the dangerous area.

According to a security source, the intense fighting erupted near Tripoli’s Souk el-Tlath neighbourhood between two powerful militias of the Western part of the country. It left at least one participant dead and significant material damage.

“What happened is all because of the absence of a proper state, no security and stability and the lack of training for the Libyan army and police. It wasn’t like previous times. Sometimes, the militias come at the end of the day, and the streets are empty. But this time there were lots of people in the streets.”, says a resident of Tripoli’s Souk Talat who did not wish to disclose its identity. This neighbourhood houses a large public garden in the capital.

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