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Israeli parliament initially approves controversial judicial reform

by Daily Sabah

The Israeli parliament, Knesset, ignored nationwide protests to back a key part of a controversial judicial overhaul at first reading Monday.

Lawmakers voted by 63 to 47 to give more weight to the government in the committee that selects judges and to deny courts the right to rule on legislation they deem in conflict with so-called Basic Laws, Israel’s quasi-constitution.

Tens of thousands had protested on the streets of Jerusalem Monday against the anticipated vote. Inside parliament, opposition lawmakers disrupted the debate with shouts of “shame,” and were temporarily removed.

The bill will now return to the law committee for more debate, ahead of its second and third readings in the plenum before it becomes law.

“From now on, the court will belong to everyone,” Justice Minister Yariv Levin said after the bill passed its first reading, calling on members of the opposition to “come and talk.”

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