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NATO considers to launch new training centers for Ukrainian servicemen

by Sputnik Globe

NATO is planning to open a new training center for the Ukrainian armed forces to complement the European Union’s training mission and help Kiev meet the alliance’s standards, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported on Thursday, citing diplomatic sources.
The new initiative will be aimed not only at bolstering the military preparedness of Ukrainian servicemen, but also at training them in strategy and defense administration management, the sources told the newspaper.
NATO defense chiefs are currently formalizing details of the project on the sidelines of their meeting in Brussels, with the initiative likely to receive final approval at the alliance’s summit in Washington in July, the report said.
The defense ministers have to decide whether the future center would be financed through the alliance’s general accounts or a budget fund, and whether the training should involve instructors stationed at a new base or personnel sent by NATO members for shorter periods of time, the newspaper reported.

Western countries, including member states of the European Union, have been providing military and financial aid to Kiev since the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine in February 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that NATO expansion to include Ukraine creates a direct national security threat for Russia and that Moscow considers the non-aligned status of Ukraine to be extremely important.

Source: Sputnik Globe

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