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Russian troops liberate Avdeyevka, Sergei Shoigu reports

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Sergei Shoigu reported to Vladimir Putin, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, on the complete taking of Avdeyevka under control by the troops of the Battlegroup Tsentr under the command of Colonel-General Mordvichev, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
As a result of the capture of Avdeyevka from Ukrainian nationalists, an area of 31.75 square kilometers has been liberated, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.
Over the past 24 hours, Ukraine lost over 1,500 servicemen in the battles for Avdeyevka, the ministry added.
The Battlegroup Tsentr forces continue offensive operations to further liberate the Donetsk People’s Republic from the Ukrainian nationalists, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.
The liberation of Avdeyevka has made it possible to move the front line away from Donetsk and significantly secure it from terrorist attacks by the Kiev regime.
Measures are currently being taken to finally clear Avdeyevka of militants and block Ukrainian units, the ministry stated.
Few scattered formations of Ukrainian militants managed to leave Avdeyevka in a hurry, abandoning weapons and equipment.
Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian military on its success in Avdeyevka, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.
“Putin in the Kremlin listened to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s report on the liberation of Avdeyevka. The president congratulated our military and fighters on such an important victory, on such a success,” Peskov said.
Putin, in a telegram to Tsentr Battlegroup commander Colonel-General Mordvichev, expressed his gratitude for the bravery of the troops he led in the liberation of Avdeyevka, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
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