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President Putin approves Russia’s new Maritime Doctrine


Russia’s new Maritime Doctrine outlines the boundaries and areas of the country’s national interests, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg on Sunday.

“Russia’s new Maritime Doctrine has been approved. We openly designated the boundaries and areas of Russia’s national interests, both economic and vital strategic areas. First of all, these are our Arctic waters, the waters of the Black, Okhotsk and Bering Seas, the Baltic and Kuril straits. We will firmly provide for their protection by all means,” Putin stressed.

As the Russian leader pointed out, “the Navy’s capabilities are a key word here.” “It is capable of swiftly counteracting all those who will venture to encroach on our sovereignty and freedom and accomplishes strategic tasks successfully and with honor on our country’s frontiers and in any part of the World Ocean,” he said.

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