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Russia successfully tested Tsirkon hypersonic missile system


Russia’s Tsirkon hypersonic missile system was successfully test-launched on December 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Friday.

“Last night or, to be more exact, this morning, the Tsirkon hypersonic system was salvo-launched. This is our latest missile that can strike both naval and ground targets. The tests were successful and impeccable. This is a big event in the country’s life and a considerable step towards enhancing Russia’s security and its defense capability,” the Russian leader said at a joint meeting of the State Council and the Council on Science and Education.

The Russian leader addressed Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, asking him “to convey the best regards and congratulations to the staffs that worked on this system and thank all for the result and express the sincerest words of gratitude to all the developers, designers, engineers and workers – all those who have relation to this work.”

In turn, Manturov thanked the president for this appraisal, adding that the hypersonic missile had been test-launched at 05:30 Moscow time. “I will convey your words to all,” the minister assured Putin.

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