Situation in Kazakhstan

Russian military transport aviation continues to leave Kazakhstan


Eighteen Russian military-transport aircraft Il-76 and one An-124 Ruslan of the Russian Aerospace Forces with Russian peacekeepers on board flew from Almaty on Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

“Today, military transport aviation planes continue to deliver to the Chkalovsky airport personnel and equipment of Russian Airborne Forces units after fulfilling peacekeeping tasks,” the ministry said in a statement. “Prior to the departure, at the Almaty airfield in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian peacekeepers loaded military equipment into planes.”

A solemn meeting of paratroopers with the participation of the Airborne Forces will be organized at the Chkalovsky airfield. Upon its completion, the personnel will begin unloading weapons, military equipment and march to the point of permanent deployment.

Earlier, units of the Russian paratroopers from the CSTO collective peacekeeping forces carrying out tasks for the protection of socially significant facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan flew from the Almaty airfield to the Ivanovo-Severny airbase (the Ivanovo region) and Chkalovsky airfield (the Moscow region).

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