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Yellow vests protesters mark 4th year of demonstrations

by Anadolu Agency

Protesters took to the streets again Saturday in Paris in the fourth year of the yellow vest demonstrations.

Josiane, who did not want to give her last name, has been participating in the demonstrations for four years and drew attention to injustice in France.

“We can no longer live in France, our fridge is empty,” Josiane told Anadolu Agency, adding that hospitals and social services are in a bad condition.

Another protester, Charlotte, said inequalities are increasing in France at an unprecedented rate.

The yellow vest movement, which started in France on Nov.17, 2018, in response to fuel price hikes and deteriorating economic conditions, continues with protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s socioeconomic policies.

Demonstrators take to Paris streets every Saturday, chanting “We are here for the dignity of the workers and the better world, even if Macron does not want to.”

Protesters have said they want social justice, more democracy and a referendum to be organized with the initiative of citizens.

Anadolu Agency
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