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Germany to provide thousands of artillery ammunition to Ukraine by 2025

by Sputnik Globe

The German armed forces (Bundeswehr) has ordered the national arms manufacturer, Rheinmetall, to produce tens of thousands of artillery ammunition for Ukraine by 2025, the company said on Monday.
The German Bundeswehr has again called off 155 mm artillery ammunition from Rheinmetall under the framework agreement. Rheinmetall has been commissioned to supply a total of several tens of thousands shells of various types for the Ukrainian armed forces. The order is worth a three-digit million euro amount. Delivery is scheduled for the course of 2025,” the company said.
In July, Rheinmetall and the Bundeswehr signed a 1.2 billion euros ($1.31 billion) framework agreement for the supply of hundreds of thousands of ammunition, fuses and charges until 2029.
Western countries increased their military support for Ukraine after Russia launched a special military operation to protect the people of Donbass from Kiev’s aggression. The Kremlin has repeatedly stated that arms supplies to Kiev only fuel the conflict, but ultimately will not affect the course of the special operation.
Western arms supplies turned Ukraine into the global black market for military groups, with NATO weapons offered in the darknet to anyone willing to pay, the investigation showed.
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