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United States dominance in the oceans – among the major threats to Russia’s national security

by Azerbaycan24

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the new Maritime Doctrine, Report informs via Russian media.

During his speech at the naval parade in St. Petersburg, Putin said that the main threats to Russia are the US dominance in the oceans and the increase in NATO’s activities.

“Russia will firmly protect its maritime borders by all means. The navy is ready to respond with lightning speed to anyone who violates the country’s sovereignty,” Putin said.

According to the new doctrine, the determining factor in Russia’s relations with NATO is the inadmissibility of the movement of the Alliance’s infrastructure towards the country’s borders.

The doctrine defines the borders and zones of national interests of Russia, primarily in the Arctic, Black, Okhotsk and Bering seas.

Besides, it is envisaged to strengthen the groupings of the Black Sea fleet, increase the share of ships sailing under the Russian flag, and build new port facilities in the Baltic Sea.

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