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Mossad employees received approval to participate in anti-governmental protests

by Middle East Monitor

The head of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, David Barnea, has approved a request from employees to participate in the anti-Netanyahu protests across the occupation state, Intelligence Online reported on Wednesday.

“The unprecedented mobilisation against the prime minister’s far-right coalition government has started to gain support in the Israeli intelligence services and is also fuelling resistance among the country’s reservists,” explained the website.

Barnea gave permission to about 7,000 Mossad officers to take part in the demonstrations. Permission was not given for around 300 high-ranking officers to do so, including department heads and more senior staff.

Officers with the Shin Bet internal security agency have also requested permission to take part in the anti-Netanyahu protests, which have attracted tens of thousands of Israelis.

According to Channel 12 TV, the Mossad officers were given permission on condition that they do not reveal their connection with the agency to fellow protesters.

Hundreds of Israeli military reservist and soldiers have also joined the protests against the proposed judicial overhaul. They have warned that they will stop showing up for duty should the far-right government go ahead with its plans.

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